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Sadhujana Sahaya Sangam

The chief objective of Sadhujana Sahaya Sanghom is to initiate development in the present society at the base levels, i.e., in the rural areas, and hence eradicate the root causes of poverty, unemployment, thus spreading the message of humanity and kindness.

We put in sincere efforts in promoting Self-Employment Schemes among the unemployed, which also includes housewives. We also assist in finding professionally qualified personnel for training and even help in preparing necessary documentation with the co-operation from the concerned local departments.

In order to resolve developmental problems in rural areas, the society liaises with the Government along with the help and participation of local communities to find adequate solutions for the issues. We believe in education for all. To realize this ideal, we provide financial assistance to poor students, including the provision of books and educational tools. We also aim to set up arts and cultural organizations, reading rooms, and literacy and computer training centres according to demand.

Proper health care and health education are also one of the important motives of this society. We take necessary steps with the assistance of the local units within the society to educate the illiterate people regarding various Government schemes. In addition, we also extend financial help to those in need within the limits of the society. Setting up old-age homes and home nursing service for those abandoned by the families is also our primary concern.

Establishing Fair-price Food and Cold Beverage Parlors for Sabarimala pilgrims – the profit from such parlors will in turn be used for providing medical aid and free food to the pilgrims.


"Turpis, proin, tincidunt porta. Sed! Porta vel nunc, sit nunc et sit lundium enim proin sit. Magna porta. Pid, vut! Massa ut, scelerisque arcu penatibus. Ac cras turpis enim ultrices et placerat turpis integer elit sed, magna vel arcu risus in!"
Satheesh Mulakottil

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Contributions to our society are exempted from income tax u/s 80(g) of IT act and rules framed their under.
Sadhujana Sahaya Sangam have permission from Devesam Board for our activities.